West Ham chief Karren Brady claims Premier League and government are aiming to have fans back in FULL stadiums by September with test events set to take place in August Football fans could be able to attend matches in stadiums again by September Karen Brady claimed the Premier League is planning for test events in August  The top flight is working with the government on how to safely conduct return 

Karren Brady has claimed that the Premier League plans to have fans back in stadiums by September and will conduct test events in August.

Football matches are currently being played without supporters in the stadiums due to the coronavirus and there has so far been no word on when they will be allowed to return. 

Sportsmail previously revealed that that allowing supporters to attend in reduced numbers for pre-season games next month was a possibility.

Karen Brady claims the Premier League and the government want fans to return by September

Supporters are currently prohibited from attending matches to stop the spread of coronavirus

The Premier League, clubs and the government are all eager to allow fans to return, and Brady has shed some light on the plans being put in place.

'And the final stage of the five-step return of the Premier League is perhaps the most significant of all — getting the supporters back into the stadiums. It’s also the most complex', Brady revealed in her column for the Sun.

'The aim of the Premier League, the Government and the SAG (the Safety Advisory Group who issue the licenses for the stadium to hold supporters) is to have fans back in FULL football stadiums by September.

'Before then we will need to work out the Government’s interpretation of social distancing — one metre, two metres or something in between. And we must work out how to reduce the risk of transmission during travel to and from the stadium. 

Football fans have had to adjust to a new way of supporting their team without attending live

'To trial new ways of doing things there will be host of test events in August which will help form the policy going forward so we can finally open the turnstiles.'

Managers, players and fans alike have had to adjust to a 'new normal' of how the Premier League is played, with empty stadiums bringing eerie settings to play in and supporters being unable to cheer their team on.

While the Premier League has performed admirably to get games played again safely after a three-month absence, there is the sense that the spectacle is not quite the same without fans and all parties are keen to get stadiums full once more.

There is also the growing financial concern burdening club's across the football league, with many relying on gate receipts gained by supporters buying tickets.

Fans across England have been starved of the real match-day experience recently 

With the current season being finished two months later than normal, it is not currently clear when the next 2020-21 campaign will commence but it is highly expected to be later than the usual mid-August start.

The DCMS Stage Five Framework and Green Guide Additions from the Sports Grounds Safety Authority are due to be published within the next few days and Brady says they will be analysed by the Premier League ahead of trials in August. 

The test events played out in August will likely be with reduced numbers in order to ease in the new measures that may have to be put in place. 

West Ham's London Stadium holds 66,000 so even if the test events are held with reduced numbers, they will be able to let tens of thousands into the ground.


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